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Whitewater kayaking on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River.

Why Choose Kokopelli Kayak School?

Learn to Kayak!

ACA Certified Kayak Instructors

We want you to learn from the best! We require that our kayak instructors be certified by the American Canoe Association as a whitewater kayak instructor. This class is an intensive 3 day class which requires that they be able to perform certain kayak skills in class 3 rapids perfectly and efficiently. This is not an easy certification to get for most whitewater kayakers. It shows that we only hire some of the best whitewater kayakers out there!

Excellent Safety Record

Our Safety record is impeccable. All of our instructors are swiftwater rescue trained and certified as well as advanced first aid and CPR certified. Our instructors have years of experience kayaking on rivers ranging from Class 1-Class 5+. They feel very comfortable in a whitewater kayak and rescue situations. Your safety is your instructor's #1 concern.

Small Classes

All of our kayak classes have a 4:1 student: instructor ratio. If the class get larger than 4 students another instructor will be added to the class. You will definitely feel like you will individualized attention from our patient instructors.


The equipment that we use for all of our whitewater kayaking classes is some of the latest designs in kayaks. We feel like it is easier to learn to whitewater kayak in a larger, more stable boat than putting you in the hottest, newest play boat like other kayak schools do. We want you to feel comfortable in the kayak and be able to progress in your skills confidently.

Our recreational kayaks and touring kayaks are the latest models of Hurricane Kayaks, Ocean Kayak, and Necky Kayaks. We want you to enjoy paddling through being comfortable in the kayak.

We supply you with all of the necessary kayaking equipment for your class. If you have your own kayaking gear feel free to use it in your class.

Paddle Club

We want you to progress in your newly learned skills therefore we have both a whitewater paddle club and a touring paddle club. Both are designed to help you to progress in the sport, learn new skills, help you remember what you learned in class, and make new paddling friends. Rental kayaks and gear are available for use at both paddle clubs. Both paddle clubs have a nominal yearly fee associated with them.

Retail Store

We are Southern Oregon's Paddlesports Destination! We are the only paddling retail store between Eugene, Oregon and Redding, California. We are proud to service the Rogue Valley rafters, kayakers, and fishermen for all of their boating equipment needs. We have kayak, raft, and paddling equipment rentals available for daily to multi-day use. We also have instructional books and videos to help keep you on the upward swing of the learning curve. Come see us at Kokopelli River Center!

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